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A Complete Guide To Becoming A Web Designer

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Learn Basic HTML

Learn Basic HTML

Whatever you see in your web browser is controlled by Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). If you start with HTML, you will have the skills to operate a perfect user interface that is easy to interact with, and one that can help you view the results of your first forays into coding. As you advance to new languages, you will find an understanding of HTML to be essential – after all, you don’t want to code blindly if you can avoid it.

Understand Basic JavaScript

JavaScript is a universal web language that supports an array of browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. If you have ever used any kind of web application or website, it will most likely have a lot of JavaScript code in it. Java is a highly popular language that is increasingly being applied in all kinds of devices, desktops and servers.

Learn Basic CSS

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allows a designer to customize the look and feel of the HTML portions of your website or application. It is not a complicated language that requires a great deal of study to learn. Learning it, however, exposes you to a multitude of ways of creating an attractive and – most importantly – stable website. Other than CSS, it is imperative to understand how to use Node JS, Mongo DB and Express. Express enables you to listen to requests from your server, and helps in sending responses to particular web pages. On the other hand, Mongo DB is an excellent database that stores all your information and helps in retrieving what you need, when you need it. Choose the kind of developer you want to become – i.e. either a back-end, front-end, or full stack developer.

Full stack web developers are the most popular in today’s technological world. It is no surprise that there are thousands of in-person and online programs that can help you become one. Also, full stack developers are easily absorbed in the job market, and they earn a handsome salary. Being a full stack developer means that you can double as a front-end or a back-end developer. You should note that being a full stack developer does not necessarily mean that you have become an authority in back-end and front-end web design. It simply means that you can easily work from both sides without making unnecessary mistakes. You can build an application using front-end and back-end design without referring back to the basics.

Database And Web Storage

As you learn how to build web applications, you will need to store data in a particular place and access it later. Understand the advantages of relational data such as SQL, learn about NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, and choose which would work better for you in any given situation. Before diving into web design, understanding the advantages of memory data stores such as memcached and Redis.

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